Linux365 supports the CalDAV standard for calendar/reminder syncing. This means that we support standard calendar clients such as the iOS calendar app. Note that other calendar clients that support the CalDAV standard are supported, but may not be tested by us. To start with, you must first setup an app password for calendar client to access. This is a unique password for just your calendar client to use and is not the same password you use to login.

Setting up an app password

Firstly, you will need to setup an app password. Start by logging into your Linux365 user portal. Once logged in. Click on your initials or photo in the top right-hand corner.  Then select 'Settings'. Once in settings navigate to the security section.

Form the security section, Add a descriptive name in the box provided and click, 'Create app password'

You should then see a screen that looks similar to the screen print.

Copy down the app password and note the username is still the same.

Then click 'Done'.

Setting up your calendar on iOS

On your device, goto settings > calendar > accounts. Click on 'Add account'.

When asked what type of account you want to add, select 'other' and then 'Add CalDAV Account'.

You should then see a screen like the scren-print shown.

Enter your tenant url in the server name. If you do not know your tenant URL, please see What is my tenant URL?

Your username is the same as you log in to Linux365 with.

Your password is the app password we set up earlier.

Add your description as you wish.

Then, once you are done. Click 'Next'.

Your device should then connect and ask you what you want to sync. Make your selection and click 'Done'