If you cannot log in to your Linux365 tenant, first attempt to follow these steps to attempt a successful recovery. If you do not know where to log in, please see: How to login the Linux365 portal.

Solution 1 - Forgotten password

If you can't remember your password, you can attempt forgotten password recovery. This can be done from your tenant login screen. Click on the 'Forgot password?' link and then enter your username or email address in the box provided. A reset email should be sent to you via your emails. Note that if you do not have your Linux365 mailbox setup on another device and it is not receiving new emails, this method will not work.

Once you get the email from us, you should then be able to see a link to reset your password in the email. Click the link and you should be prompted to reset your password.

Solution 2 - Speak to a system administrator

If you are the system administrator and you have been asked to reset a user's password, you will first need to access the admin area. Then follow: Reset a user's password 

Solution 3 - Contact the JH96 Helpdesk

If you still cannot gain access to your account, have your system administrator submit a ticket on the JH96 Helpdesk. Note that we can only accept password reset requests from a known designated system administrator.